React Native services waitlist open!

Posted by Linda Zhong on September 28, 2016

Here at Microsoft, we’re always looking for ways to support the newest open-source technologies. It is this very interest that led us to start investing in React Native. To date, we’ve released a React Native extension for VS Code where we have continued to develop new features such as ExponentJS support.

Now, we’ve been scratching our heads trying to figure out what our next move is. With the React Native platform being so nascent and dynamic, there are a lot of areas we believe could still use smoothing out.

What’s next? You decide.

From what we’re hearing, connecting your app to data, setting up authentication and adding push notifications are all extremely painful experiences today that every mobile app needs to support.

The lack of first-party, React Native-tailored SDKs means that developers are choosing between third-party libraries that often do not contain the full feature set, or building the bridge from a native SDK to the React Native app themselves.

So, we at Microsoft are putting together a prototype for our own first-party, Azure-backed React Native services. Now, we’re looking to see if this something that developers are interested in.

Help us out by signing up for our preview waitlist, and help us develop the right tools and services to help you build React Native apps.